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In a world where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make ends meet, buying in bulk has become a popular trend as a way to saving money. Grocery stores and home good stores encourage individuals to purchase multiple items at once. This helps to decrease the price per item my fairly large margins at time. If buying in bulk for everyday items can save money, why not utilize the same shopping mentality when it comes to booking travel and vacation sites? With the Travel Advantage Network (TAN), they not only encourage the practice of bulk traveling, but provide a network to do so with ease.

Travel Advantage Network
What Is TAN?

TAN is not a new program. Its inception began in 1992 as a way to make traveling easier and more affordable. The goal of TAN is to provide a vacation program that facilities week-long reservations rather than single day or weekend stays. This helps to lower the cost and can provide access to discounts that are simply not present with the shorter reservation stays.
Over eighty-thousand individuals from throughout the world have utilized TAN. This provides TAN with a large number of properties throughout the US and some in Mexico and the Caribbean. Furthermore, the number of properties is more than just extensive. They are beautiful and functional as well. Rooms and properties are clean and accommodating, as this is a part of the TAN guarantee.

Where Can You Travel?

At the Travel Advantage Network, there are several different destinations that travelers can choose from including several cities in:
• Mexico
• The Caribbean
• The United States
Mainly focused on the United States, but not exclusively, the Travel Advantage Network offers several different cities for members to travel to.
Among the most popular of the destinations that members choose are:
• Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
• Orlando, Florida
• Hilton Head, South Carolina
• Sites throughout Hawaii
How Do You Reserve A Property?

The Travel Advantage Network encourages users to make a reservation on a property at least three hundred and sixty days prior to the intended travel date. This is important so as to ensure that the property is available and that you can travel when and where you want. If you do reserve and your property is not up to the standard that you believe was promised, TAN is happy to make it right. As a member, you will receive a one thousand dollar savings bond for the US if the property is not what was promised to you.
Because advanced notice is encouraged, does not mean that you cannot still rent a property on short notice. On the contrary, you can put in a request for a property that is available during the time you are looking. This does not mean you will not be limited in the choices, based upon the reservations already made. It can, however, still be arranged if the availability is there.


TAN does more than just provide you with a room or a space at a discounted price. It provides you with the chance to make memories as well. From locations throughout majestic and beautiful regions, families and individuals alike can enjoy a beautiful vacation in regions that are close or far away. It is for this reason that the Travel Advantage Network continues to be a top choice amongst vacation package providers.

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